Friday, April 19, 2013

Tricked Out....

I know. It's taking a while. But guess what? We really are almost out there. It's really close now. Here are a few things which have happened recently.

Urban Grill came out of winter storage! We'll never, ever be able to repay Dennis Tucker for his extreme generosity and kindness in letting us poach his large indoor truck service bay area for Randy to make all the truck modifications since we brought it back from Canal Winchester. Dennis, you are the best! Randy did okay too, but that's a different paragraph.

Final measurements have been taken! We are getting the final edits secured and the last minute little changes to our exterior wrap design - happening now. (Translation: they needed to measure the distance around all the little details and accoutrements which my partner-- the fabricator, welder, engineer, sound and light producer and electrician--has added to the truck!) But the polyvinyl wrap appointment was fun and they are so professional, and it's a great milestone we've been anxious to reach! Completed - check! Ahhhh!

Urban Grill has new shoes! Okay six new tires. That was today. Not as exciting as the truck measure and final selections, but much needed and it rides really nicely with the new tires!
We start next week on renovations to Urban Depot!! I mean sure, why not renovate the building at the same time we start up the new business? That makes sense to me. (!) Our Health  Department Inspection is next week also, so why not do all this at once?!

First up for the renovation is to move some support poles out of the way for the demolition. We are temporarily relocating the support poles which are to the right and left of the garage opening and we'll put them back after the new ramp is built. On the left hand photo below you can see a steel beam which is angled. We are having it straightened out so it goes all the way across the garage door opening and we will use it to suspend two poles temporarily, during construction. Then we start dropping concrete. They will start cutting the floor and dropping it into the basement, fill it with more concrete and build the ramp. (Okay, I just grossly oversimplified that process in the description. My apologies to architect, structural engineer, and concrete masters involved, I know it's more than that.)
When we've finished building our ramp into the building, we'll bring the poles back and have them put into place.
The fun starts Monday.
You can see the black paint lines on the concrete, where the ramp will be.
So this is the paragraph about my previously described partner, Randy. Do you like surprises? I do. It's fun to have somebody go to extra effort because they know you are going to love the outcome. That is the case with some things Randy didn't tell me he was working on for the truck.  I don't think Randy did all the things he did just to surprise me, I think he thought they were good ideas and he decided he'd just surprise me with the effect. But I truly was surprised and do love what he has done with some things I was not expecting! Plus we didn't have to vote on the expense that way! It worked. He has gone over and above to finish out the truck in fine style.

As usual I'm not going to be specific, I know you are going to come see the truck. Let's just say it has a few extra bells and whistles, and in this case that's not a cliche, it really does. We have bells, whistles, and a few other hard to describe elements which have nothing, and quite possibly everything, to do with 'selling sandwiches.

I know we have a fun and very special food truck. Honestly, there is not one out there in this city like it. That's a fact. And it's because I have a partner with one wild idea after another and the ability to follow through. #Ichosewell.

Okay, I'm posting this photo, remember it is NOT a yellow truck, and the various colors will be covered over in about a week or 10 days. And don't even ask what that is he is holding on to. Just come see the truck for a demonstration. We'll need to give tours of the truck. Be sure to start in the cab of the truck. It makes me laugh, hope you all enjoy it too. I think you will...

Randy Reichelderfer, demonstrating one of his many great ideas.

Counting down the days until we are mobile! But never wishing any away, they are all important!

Make the most of today, it is the only one of which any of us are guaranteed!

Remember the living occurs in the journey......


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