Tuesday, March 19, 2013


...it can be so interesting!
Photo credit: Stuart Hyde Photography
I really enjoy this pattern of bricks on this building built in 1900. 
Don't you find it beautiful and well maintained for a building
which was built over 110 years ago?

  The pattern repeats all the way around the building.
The inside of this building is completely lined with glazed brick. Wow! 
They just don't build buildings like that these days...

While we are appreciating architecture we should take a
moment and appreciate architects, right? 
Randy and I would like to sincerely thank Dwayne Boso, from MSA, 
The best architect from the best architectural firm in Cincinnati, 
Without whom we would not be having our quiet celebration before making any big announcements. 
So Dwayne thanks for coming through in a big way. 
We appreciate you!!

We appreciate all the other professionals with whom we've worked recently who certainly know their stuff and make doing business in this city a much easier and more pleasant endeavor.

Seriously, we'll get around to explaining why we are appreciating architecture and this particular architect. But for now, just enjoy the pretty brick patterns.....

And remember, make the most of today, it's the only one of which you, and I, are guaranteed. Seriously.

ugft, llc.


R said...

You did GREAT work!!!!!!!!!!!

Sue R said...

:-) Beautiful. Thanks Dwayne. Good job Betsy. And Randy.

Betsy Eicher said...

Thanks pardner, you're doin' some fine work yourself!

chap187 said...

You are welcome! Working with you is always fun! Looking forward to the next adventure with you!

Marge said...

Congrats B