Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Details, details

It's in the details, it always is. 
So when my partner said to me, "How about speakers? We want speakers on the outside, right?" Um, yes! 
Okay, it's like everything we've come up against, we like to finish out the details. 

We're going to have a service window on each side of the truck. A lot of things in Food Truck World are oriented toward the "main side," that's usually the right side. We call that starboard. That only makes sense if you are a boater also, we refer to most parts on the truck as if it were a boat. For some trucks there is just the one serving window, others have a smaller window on the opposite side, we decided to go ahead and put in a full size serving window port side. Yes, that's left. 

Cincinnati has lots of one way streets downtown, in order to have full flexibility in terms of available truck spots being able to pull up to the curb to the port or starboard (you're hip to the lingo now, right?) makes a huge difference. So may as well have everything on both sides so we are working in a fully functioning mode no matter from which side we serve, right? 

Which takes me back to the speakers, and the details, and getting it right. I mean who wants to move the speakers from one side of the truck and re-hook them up depending on which side you are serving that day?  No, me neither and not my partner. So he built them in, a set on each side.

So this is how talented he is..... A photo essay.  

These are the raw materials all measured out for making our speaker mounts.

Speaker hole cut out.

Now mounted up high on the truck:

That opening you see is the spot where one of our outdoor lights will be mounted. 

We don't want you to trip when you visit our truck at night!

Next step, Randy built housings behind each speaker mount. He made a box and closed it in around the speaker to protect the wiring, give the speaker the needed sound integrity and make the speakers water tight!

He started here with an open box or 'u'
Welded in the sides

Closed it in

The view from the back of the truck, looking forward. Those are the completed boxes for the front speakers, port and starboard.
That's an overview of the top of he truck looking toward the front. You can see the front speaker boxes for each side. There will be some fun custom surprises in that front area in the future, but I'll save that for now.

No, before you inquire, the truck isn't staying banana yellow if you caught a glimpse of that color. And no again, no metal primer colors either. Those speakers above will be painted and the rest will get "wrapped," think poly-vinyl wrap like what you see on buses and other commercial vehicles.  It's designed and ready to go. We can't wait.
Details, details. The main detail and lesson is when your brother-in-law suggests he might like to join you in your business venture, go ahead and discuss the usual things you think you'd ask/talk about. 
You know goals... work ethic..... etc. Get all that out there. We did.  It also turns out one of our best compatibility assets is we both have the same patience for, and interest in, getting those details nailed down. 
But... please don't forget to ask the one question I failed to ask, but thankfully it's working out pretty well .... Can you weld? Yes, that's the question. Who knew? But, yes, he can!  

Thanks Randy Reichelderfer, business partner of year!

Food Truck, fully detailed, coming to a Cincinnati area street near you, soon. We promise!

Make the most of today, it's the only of which any of us are guaranteed.  


Co-owner, with the welder, of Urban Grill Food Truck 


Marcie Detrick said...

Everything about your food truck is SPECTACULAR!! I can't wait to come down to Cincy soon and try some food !

Betsy Eicher said...

Thanks Marcie! We can't wait to serve you and Orv at the truck. Coming soon!

Beth said...

of course it's a GOURMET Food Truck!! You aren't serving hot dogs! ;)
p.s. - love the welding photo!!

Marge said...


Becky said...

Awesome truck you have there lady... can't wait to see it for real. Oh and buy some extraordinary food of course.

Sue said...

It's going to be great! And perfect. And sound amazing. Nice tribute to your welder/partner. That Randy guy. :)