Saturday, December 8, 2012

Closer, closer, we are getting there....

Patience, a proactive choice and a vital form of perseverance.

But, progress is being made.
Web Design... it's in the works!
Social Media...ready!
Wrap design for truck exterior... creative team is working on it!!!!

On the inside the appliances are completely installed and connected, electrically wired and the gas lines are connected and tested! The electricity is connected and lighting fixtures are installed. All openings and connections are sealed and weatherproofed, the exhaust hood is completely installed, hooked up and tested.

Next comes cabinets, counters and sinks! Then we move to a few big items you won't see such as the generator, water tanks and the water pump. Then we start putting our cooking wares in!!

We've secured a location to keep our truck, particularly during those cold winter months. After the above items occur we just go through that final inspection with the Health Department and then we are ready to roll!

Here are some photos, it's a little further along than these indicate....

Any appliances which appear white, simply have their protective coating still on them.


We can't wait to cook here and feed YOU!!!!!

Peace and Glad Tidings to you!
Make the most of today, it's really the best option!


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