Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wedding Bells are calling!!!

California here we ALL go! Those of us not already there that is. We are all off to the wedding of Ashley Elizabeth Palmer, beloved niece. I won't get all the facts straight, so I'll forego trying to be exact on dates and number of years. But Ashley's been living in California for a 'number' of years. Before that she lived in New York City. She is the oldest of my sister Kathy's two children, and went to High School in Cincinnati (Loveland) so we claim her as an original Cincinnatian, even though her younger years were in Naperville, IL.

Ashley, is one determined lady. I like that. She is an actress and is not to be deterred from her dreams and plans. I admire her tenacity, patience and her talent. While Ashley was working her way through auditions and readings, and parts to play, Ashley has earned her own living in California and kept her head up doing it. A few years later her cousin Sara, joined her in LA, as a professional make-up artist. Now the cousins, always very close, are re-united in LA. They've been great about helping each other network and navigate the world of Hollywood, whether that's the traffic or the trade of professional acting and performance. What was always a great friendship prior to each leaving for LA, has now been sealed as they have each been there for one another, though making their way in their respective fields.

Someone else transplanted from Cincinnati to Los Angeles also. I may have some of these facts slightly askew also, but I know that Ashley went to High School with Aaron Wadsworth. They shared some fun and knew each other pretty well, but lost track of one another along the way over the years. A mutual friend, and a close friend of Aaron's, had kept an eye on Ashley's professional website and showed it to Aaron. It didn't take Aaron long to contact Ashley. Ashley and Aaron went to a party together in Chicago and started a long distance romance. Again, it didn't take Aaron long to close the gap on that distance and Aaron was living in LA also. Aaron is not in the 'acting' or show business field in LA (which is good!), but is in the business field.

We couldn't be happier to be in LA to celebrate as they marry! Family is coming from far and wide to celebrate with them, and we are all thrilled to share in their joy!

Ashley Elizabeth Palmer

Cousins - Ashley, Sara and Emily

I love this photo because even though ALL the cousins are close, these three are closest in age and always hung together. Even though they went to different High Schools and had different friends during those years, they remained very close. Look how cute they are together in this Christmas photo.
This is one niece from each of my sisters!
(Emily, having just given birth to her third baby, is unable to make the trip for the wedding, but is with us in spirit!)

credit: Johnny Vinton photos

Aaron Wadsworth and 
Ashley Palmer, the celebrated couple! 
Many blessings to you both!!

 Peace and Love from LA

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