Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tracking the Progress

 A lot has happened this week. Really. 
 But I can’t find an exciting picture to show you any of it so I post this one instead. 

I love colors and vegetables! I took this platter of roasted vegs to a family picnic at my sister Terry's, last year. We know this photo was from last year because this platter didn't survive the picnic. But the vegetables were great!

Anyway, we are moving forward. Here is a little about my week.

    • The blog post of last Sunday is my most read post to date, bar none, go figure. Thank you for the love.
    • All the kitchen equipment was ordered last week and has now started to arrive!!! 
    • The truck is in its new home in Canal Winchester, OH becoming a commercial kitchen on wheels, and I had a great day taking it there. Just a feeling that I was in the right place, doing the right thing, at the right time, and feeling blessed to have the ability to do it. Ability meaning lots of things- means, wherewithal, help and support of friends, partner, family, etc. see next point.
    • An angel came through for me this week. I knew I was going to find a way to make all this happen without stressing our family finances or family financier, and an angel has appeared, really two. They know who they are. Bless them! (This sounds like I have someone who gave me money. Not really, they just made it easy for me to conduct business. I’m extremely grateful. Thanks.) 
    • Randy and I have agreed on a name for our business!!! (This is huge) I’m not trying to be coy, but until we get everything registered, we still haven’t publicized it. You know me, I’ll blurt anything, but I’ve promised I wouldn’t say. So, yes, I’m blaming Randy! I’m kidding he’d probably tell also, but he promised me. So there you have it. When we have our logo and have it all sewn up, we’ll put it out there. Then we’ll need you to go to our Facebook page and ‘like’ us. In Facebook land, when it’s a business you don’t ‘friend’ the business, you ‘like’ them. So please ‘like’ us when we do have our page. Because once we have the biz we can’t promote it on our personal FB pages or they will freeze our accounts. Thanks.   
    •  Because we have our biz name, we now have our LLC name, too. We could have named our LLC anytime because it didn’t have to be the same. But I wanted to wait and tie it in. Glad I did. It’s an acronym of business name. I like it.   
    •  Our design for the layout and equipping of the truck was approved by the Health Department this week. So that is step one of passing inspection. Because we changed the layout, we are not required to have a separate commissary for our business!! This is HUGE news, I should have listed first. This will really streamline the business and our time schedule, but also will save us a great deal of money. The health inspector was instrumental in helping to make that happen. So there really are great people everywhere, if you reach out them. 
    • I’ve preliminarily gotten acceptance for the City of Cincinnati Mobile Vending program once we have the Health Department sticker. Really that just means I made sure there is still a spot for us. They only give out 25 licenses per year. We didn’t want to get this far down the road and then find out we couldn’t participate in the city program. 
    • I practiced our #1 food item for the Food Truck on some family members last night. Flying colors, it passed with… flying colors. I’m getting excited. Did I say it went over really well? All components of it were great. It has a lot to it and I’m excited to see how it will be received/perceived by the public. At first there are questions, but then people say, ‘yep, lay it on me.’ The whole thing. And they love it! Really, if you think of Food Truck food as ‘street food,’ it’s supposed to be a little more jumbled up, a little messy, mixed flavors. Not quite as buttoned up and tidy. Okay? So for dinner last night the offer was, ‘plain or street?’ Everyone went for ‘street.’ Amen! 
    • Oh, and we have a ‘secret ingredient’ and I practiced it again yesterday morning. (5th version) I think I’ve got the recipe where I want it. I’m happy with it. I sent some over to house of Randy, awaiting verdict, he is also rarely without an opinion. But verdict here is I’ve got the truck recipe nailed. In my mind this could be breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. But, that’s just me. I could tell you what we’re calling it but that will have to wait too.

So really this was a blog post of nothing. It’s everything I can’t tell you about yet. But we are just on the verge of pulling this together. I see the pieces moving together from an idea, to a stripped gutter truck, to a fully realized commercial kitchen rolling in Cincinnati and vicinity, stay tuned. 

My sister Sue and I have the same Mary Engelbreit calendar every year. As we turn the page daily, we know the other is seeing the same page and message. Occasionally one sends the other photo of a page if it really fits, I got this from Sue, something about it made her think of me.
Thanks for joining us on the journey, and thanks for reading. 

Make the most of today, it’s really the only one of which we are assured.



Gretchen said...

My mouth is watering and I can't wait to hear ALL the details!!!

Betsy5 said...

I can't wait to start serving food, Gretchen! Missed you today, we came to the 11:00. We did get to sit with Suella!

Becky said...

Well are you SURE you're getting the unfarnished truth from FAMILY and PARTNERS on that food sampling? Really, I'm sure I could be more objective and would be willing to make the sacrifice just for you.

Betsy5 said...

It's a good point Becky, I may need to get a more objective assessment. I think I may need to give you and a few others a call and get a tasting going! Sound good? We're going to be trying out a few things in coming weeks and may need some opinions coming up. I'll keep you in mind, promise.

Becky said...

Oh goody!