Sunday, September 2, 2012

(Slightly) Off Topic Blog Post

(Slightly) Off Topic Blog Post

New Beginnings
Ode to the 20% failure on my DISC Personality Test

It's tough to know where to start on this one.
One thing I know for sure, I am in a new place. Or at the very least, I'm not in the old one.

And now that the change has been made, it does seem like it was time to make a change. And without having cut the cord on what I was doing, I wouldn’t have been looking for that next something new. And would not have embarked on this business venture with my brother-in-law.
And therefore wouldn’t be about to distribute some A-1 streetfood about the places and streets of Cincinnati! (I was going to say ‘kickass streetfood’ but its Sunday, I didn’t think it would be polite)
So, it’s all good.

Ah, but getting here, there were some hurdles. And there are some places that hurt a little if you push on them a little too hard, or even if you don't.

For your listening enjoyment while reading, this is a long (but worthwhile?) post:

And today is really the first day of not being in the old place. That is, among other things I was Greeting Ministry coordinator at my church. A very fine church, which I still love and am committed to, but now from a distance. When I finished erasing the weekly jobs and tasks I had blocked in my calendar just for this little volunteer position, I freed up 20 hours, a week. That’s why I knew I was going to need a big project if I was going to walk away from this ministry. I loved putting a lot of time into a ministry I enjoyed and which met my gifts and in which I felt well suited to serve. Why leave? It was going to be made a job, a paying job. And of course, I applied. Here is where I flunked. They were really looking for someone a little more ‘people-y’ 

This is where the DISC comes in. Do you know it? It goes by other names and is also similar to and crosses over with the Myers-Briggs. People are categorized by whether they are task/people oriented. Also if they are oriented more fast/slow. And also are they: Dominant/Influencing/Steady/Complacent. (An ideal work team has some of each type on the team. There is no ideal or better personality type, all are valuable.) I like and use the DISC all the time. Here’s a shortcut if you are unfamiliar, if in an interview or conversation, if you know to slow your pace in speech to someone who speaks slowly, or speed up if they are a fast talker – you’re half way there. Oh and if you know me I don’t have to tell you this, but I’m a ‘D’ for Dominant, big surprise, right? What are you?

 But I was asked “would you say you are more people-oriented or more task-oriented?” (I mean you could watch my work in the Sanctuary I had just demoed and re-built in a 12 week time period, on time and on budget and making lots of new friends and business contacts along the way, and see how that worked out, or you could ask me the question. But you see how this is going.) So my answer was “I’m 50/50.” Here is what I mean by 50/50, I’m both. Really, I’m 100/100, and that’s what I should have said. I’m exactly what I need to be in the situation. 

When I need to spend hours on the computer scheduling 130 volunteers so that all the doors of the church are covered with a greeter and then coordinate with them to be sure they remember their assignment, I’m task oriented. But when I spend all morning every Sunday interacting with the people in the Welcome Center, I’m people-oriented. 100% each time. And, I loved doing both. It doesn’t matter which one I’m more naturally inclined to be/do. I bring it either way. (An aside, I told one of my very closest friends that I was told I wasn’t people-oriented enough, she simultaneously almost fell out of her chair and she spit her drink out. Thank you, Tina, I love you.)

But darn, they were looking for someone more like 60-70% people, and the remainder task. Sorry you lose, board goes back. (Oh sorry, that’s an old game show.) Too bad. And you know what? They found ‘him.’ Just took one afternoon meeting and they knew enough to know he’d be great. 

So I could stay on, continuing to volunteer, or I could understand that I and the 100% I was giving, was not going to be what they wanted. Ever. I did stay and wish the new person well..I love my church and all my (formerly my) volunteers. I want the ministry we built together to continue to go well. So the 100% task oriented side of me gave all my files, details, and instructions to him. I stayed 3 months and 2 days beyond the day I learned I was not ever going to be what was wanted in this position.
Honestly some people are having a hard time understanding why I stayed a day longer than the phone call.
Others don’t understand why I couldn’t just stay and work alongside the new person.
And still others of course have no idea, how deeply rejecting it is to be told you are 20% short of being people-y enough to be paid for a ministry you built and have been working in for 5 years. Or they do, but choose not to see it. To ice the cake, I didn’t just build the ministry, I built the welcome center in which we are doing the welcoming. 

I’m not sure how long it will be before I walk back into it that welcome center. Today is Sunday. I stayed home. My family went. We are not leaving our church. It was our church before the evaluators of the DISC ever got jobs there. They’ll be off improving other churches and making them fit their vision, and this will still be our church, where our family came to know God, our son was Baptized and raised, and where we have some fine facilities in no some part due to our family. I’ll be at our church. But my heart for now will be on a food truck and I’ll find a way to make that my ministry. 

I’m truly grateful these events occurred because it caused me to move on and I’m happy about the direction. And I harbor no ill will to those arbiters of these decisions. I think our Senior pastor is an excellent speaker of God’s word, and has led our church well.(And was not the administer of the DISC.) I’m okay with disagreeing with people but still seeing their value. (It’s just unfortunate we disagree about me/my role!) I think this is just exactly what was supposed to happen to move me to my Food Truck and I never would have gotten there without this turn of events. 

Right now my 100% task oriented side is dealing in all those details of figuring out who has the best price for the equipment needed and determining the best layout for it, along with my partner. And you saw his task-oriented side with the concrete blocks simulating the weight of the equipment. We have a great deal more task-oriented focus to go before we are ready to roll. When the customers come, because we did that well, we’ll forget that part and we’ll be 100% people-oriented because that’s why we were doing the tasks in the first place, to get ready for the people. The people are the point of doing the tasks. 

If Randy and I were both 60-70% people-oriented and neither of us very task-focused we wouldn’t be properly ready when the people come. It would be great to see them, they might have fun visiting our truck, but if we can’t get __________ (you thought I was going to name our product, no way!) out in time, they won’t be back too many times. We are thinking now about food flow, systems, packaging, sales tickets, etc. We are 100% task now so we can be there 100% for the people when they come up to the window in a few weeks. And we'll be successful then, because of the detail we are putting in now.

I’m glad I’m both, it has served me well. You too, Randy. 

A person who's opinion means much to me, predicts great success with this truck and the food we are planning to serve because of the detail we are putting into the planning and the food we are planning to serve. He is confidant what we do with the good results will be my ministry. I think that's right. Ministry is where you make it. I know due to the efforts of many, ministry will continue to occur where it was started in a church building in Anderson Township. And ministry of a slightly different type, will happen rolling on a food truck through the streets of Cincinnati.

Peace and Blessings,

This has always been my church work marching orders and is in fact attributed to John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist faith. It's on my computer and written inside all my notebooks and workbooks:

Photo and photo effects by Betsy, permission for non-public usage,granted. 
Do all the good you can,
By all the means you can,
In all the ways you can,
In all the places you can,
At all the times you can,
To all the people you can,
As long as ever you can!

 "Life is 10% what happens to you, 90% how you react to it." - Charles Swindoll, and often quoted by Mary Kay Ash.


Beth H. said...

Wow. . . I couldn't put my finger on it, but now it's all been made clear. Not "people-y" enough! That's probably why you were only asked to lead TWO building projects!
Blessings on your new (ad)venture my dear friend!

Gretchen said...

Love this post and I am so excited for you! I did miss you at church this morning though - so don't make missing a habit :). Also what is your favorite color of green paint?

Betsy5 said...

Thanks Beth. I decided clarifying clears up speculation. Thanks for your good wishes. Gretchen as you know there just about isnt any shade of green I would dislike! (a non answer for sure). See you next week. Maybe we can sit together, we've never done that!

Becky said...

Well, since you asked... Are you surprised to learn that I my DISC outcome (as I recall) is in that order? Wonder how we managed to ever work together on anything!

SueR said...

To the most 100/100 person I know!! May I just say their loss is my gain? You and Randy are going to be an amazing success!

Betsy5 said...

Thanks Susie!! I appreciate that! XO
And Becky, I know we worked together really really well whatever our combined DISC traits....Loved working with you!!XO