Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Here’s my Nutty Partner, Randy.

Oh and he’s married to my sister, Sue! 
So it happened at a family picnic. We have a lot of those at another sister and brother-in-law’s house all summer long. And as it always seems to go, the men were in one section and the women in another. This one was notable in that there was a ‘streaker’ walking rather slowly down the middle of my sister’s street and no less than 9 police vehicles attended to the crisis. So in the ensuing melee (hide the children, etc) the groups, gasp, mixed! And my brother-in-law, now business partner, Randy, slipped me a message – my husband said something unpleasant about my business ‘ideas.’ But it was a bad news, good news message because he also said, he was into the idea of starting a Food Truck, let’s talk. 

We met the next day and went to Fountain Square, headquarters most days at Noon of Food Truck activity locally. We watched the action, discussed my plan, both of our ideas, and we were a team from then on! 

We made one rule. This is it - NO talk of family on the truck! (Food and dogs only. At the time we thought those were our only safe topics. I think we could broaden that, but food and dogs it is) Both of our families have doodles. If you read my bio, you know we have the “cutest dog in America” Bailey, who is a mini-Labradoodle. Sue and Randy have a (full size) Goldendoodle, Murphy, who by default, and order of arrival into our collective families, is thereby the “second cutest dog in America.” 

Randy and I make great business partners. We are both into the details of the business, respect each others’ opinion, and know that to get the right outcome, thought and planning has to start at the outset. Neither of us mind hard work. But he might have out-worked me today, at least physically. While I’m doing the cross-referencing and ordering of a lot of equipment for the inside of the truck, Randy decided he really wanted to see what the effect of adding several thousand pounds of commercial equipment was going to be on the truck. It was going to be easier to make modifications if needed, before the weight was added permanently. So this is what Randy did today:


After over 6,000 pounds of concrete blocks the truck only rode 4 inches lower than before he added them. Randy won’t have to go the gym for a week.  Not all 6,000 lbs are in yet in this photo, but he did distribute the blocks according to the approximate actual location the weight would be in the truck.
'Cause that's the kind of detail we're dealing in here! Thanks, Randy!

Tomorrow he is ripping out the ceiling so we can properly insulate it! No heat stroke for these chefs! (That’s the first step toward that anyway..)

This is our truck after having the exterior prepped for Poly-vinyl wrap. The wrap won’t go on until the very end. But now it will be ready. The ‘lockers’ on the back are for the propane tanks. There are doors for them, they will be vented. Randy and his crew, added the lockers and what we affectionately call the 'swim platform' on the back. We both have boating backgrounds, so everything ends up with a boating term. The left side of the truck is 'port,' the right is 'starboard' etc. That's just how we are wired. So that's obviously a swim platform holding those tank lockers, it makes sense to both of us.

All cleaned up and ready for some pretty colors, some writing on the side, a service window (or two). She leaves for Columbus next week to get everything installed!! Progress reports will be coming your way.
Oh, and back to my husband and the comments, he's climbing aboard the truck. It's taken some time, but sometimes good ideas need a while to grow on people. We're getting there. In the meantime, Randy and I are working out the details, details, details....

Make yours a great day, it's really your best option.


SueR said...

This is so exciting! This is what Cincinnati needs - we are a little behind most cities on this. Good luck to you and Randy. Can't wait to follow you AND to come eat at your food truck!

Betsy5 said...

Agree! It's fun to be coming into this at the beginning of the curve or trend! It's fun to build something. (apparently I like building things..)
And love the creative part of the food!