Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hitting the Reset Button

Hello everyone,

Hitting the reset, or rebooting, to me means it's time to quit doing that which is no longer working or that which is no longer getting the desired results. Sometimes it takes a loooong time to recognize when you are in a phase where hitting that reset is what needs to happen. Or I should say, 'sometimes it takes ME a while...' Maybe the rest of you know right away when you are no longer being effective and it's time to make a change...

(Here is a GREAT article about getting 'unstuck' )

Here was the issue for me, and I'm not really going to get all the way into the issue, I was still being effective in my many roles on the face of things. On a day to day basis, lots of good stuff was happening... for other people. Sigh!  Unfortunately, I came to see I was never going to be allowed to grow the work I was doing beyond where I had already taken it. (Which by the way, was quite far) I was being evaluated only in the role I was seen in, not in what I could do if I had been invited into an expanded role.

Part of the process of  'hitting the reset' for me was recalling that there is only one person I can change, and only one person who's actions over which I have control and that person is writing this blog post. All else is outside my realm, and people have opinions and reasons which I can't really fathom. To spend more time and energy on it at this point was going to be to my detriment. And so I chose to take my many skills, time, and determination and "hit reset." I'm looking elsewhere. I've already figured out where and what that is, but thought I'd take you along on the journey...

So: Welcome to a new phase in my life as I transition from volunteering a serious number of hours at my church--- to spending my time engaged in a very different endeavor. My hope is any new endeavors will be as rewarding to myself and others as was the time I put in at the previous institution. But with the end result being one in which I chose what is best for me and to what I'm best suited.

So I had to think what would that be? And I was thinking, and thinking...and well it started with a popsicle, albeit a very flavorful one. No, wait Jeni's ice cream. Well, no first, I flunked the DISC personality test-at my church! Then the ice cream, then the popsicle, that led to the Gourmet food truck. Now my brother-in-law is my business partner and I'm testing recipes in my kitchen at home while we have our truck built. Yep that's it!

Okay, I'll explain all that. I knew I was going to need something *B*I*G* to keep me challenged. It took me a while but I found that 'something big.' I started thinking about what I love to do. I love to cook! I also love sharing what I cook - either the recipe or the actual food. (See recipes in older posts on this blog, if interested) And share it is what we are going to do, all over Cincinnati, (and further?) in our gourmet kitchen on wheels. Please follow that truck! We'll be so pleased to have you along for the ride.

A source of inspiration for me, you may have seen this elsewhere, but I like it:

Also I'm going to take you all the way through the process if you care to join me through the transitions. So you need to see the "before" in order to appreciate the "after," it still looks much more like this than the finished product. It is the as yet unnamed Food Truck, so stick with us as we go through the creative process to determine name, logo, colors, theme. etc. It's fun!

It started as a Gutter Truck!! Pretty, right? 27' of splendor!
(Hey, when we're finished even those wheels will be dressed up.)

Make the most of today, that's what I'm doing!
Co-owner of Cinci's next Gourmet Food Truck

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Becky said...

Looks exciting. I'll be following along to see where your truck takes you!