Monday, January 3, 2011

High Fructose Corn Syrup Yum!

Hi Friends,
I know I don't post often but I know some of my faithful check back here periodically. This is a topic of great interest to me, I feel embracing this concept has made a great difference for me in weight loss and in my addiction to needing to eat/drink sweets.
It's the 'High Fructose Corn Syrup' discussion.... Through the magic of marketing the HFCS lobby tried to get the American public to think "it's really just like sugar" with some insipid commercials challenging people to say what is 'wrong' with HFCS? Well Dr. Mercola does a GREAT job in the following article describing just what IS wrong with HFCS, and why you may not be aware just how much HFCS you are getting in your carbonated beverage drink! HFCS levels in beverages appears to not be regulated,(in terms of exact quantities per serving) and is a highly political and big money topic. If you are skipping the attached article, HFCS is linked to early onset of Diabetes, weight gain, and the super sweeting further causes the craving for more sweet. (my main impetus for cutting it out of my life.)
On another note, but a similar topic: the movie "The Informant," featuring Matt Damon is based on a true story, involving a real company which is involved in the very real politics of HFCS and sugar price fixing, which is all related. (The HFCS, a chemical derived from corn, was never developed because it was a good idea for our health.) The movie focused on the character and his foibles, rather than the politics, product, nor the price-fixing, but it touches on it. The company is Archer Daniels Midland. But I digress, go figure..
Anyway, I hope you'll read the article.. (you will need to copy and paste this address, I was unable to make the link work, but it's worth the effort!)
Peace and Happy New Year to All