Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's All About Lunch?

Apparently it just takes a great lunch to entice me to post a new entry. I had just such a lunch today. It looked so great, Dick came home, having already eaten lunch and said "that looks great, I'll have one too, if you have time." I wanted to practice the technique and make sure I could create perfection twice, so I whipped one up for him too. His is photographed here.
Well it all started because my Bosc pear wasn't ripe enough to eat raw. Rather than throw it away, I thought maybe I'd saute it to soften it up a bit. And before I knew it, it was an open face sandwich!
Here is what you'll need to re-create this wonder.
A pear, firm or unripe. Bartlett would probably be too sweet, I haven't been buying those.
Balsamic Vinegar - Did you know some balsamic vinegar, isn't really? Read the label. Some is red wine vinegar with sugar and food color added!! This should be investigated. Only buy real true, balsamic vinegar. Price is the same, unless you are buying the 25 year aged stuff then it is more.
Gruyere cheese -there are others you could use here, but why mess with perfection?
Good bread - whatever you would want to use. I happened to have on hand a French bread baguette, so I cut it open face and treated it like a hoagie bun.
Olive oil, little bit of salt, little bit of butter and a non-stick pan.

When I slice my pears (and apples also) I slice in straight lines, not wedges, I suggest that here. So cut off the top and bottom of your washed pear. Cut in half lengthwise, place cut side down and make lengthwise slices until you get into the core, then cut from the other side until core, now turn it on it's side and cut until core again. Should just have a small rectangle to throw away. (really, if you've ever watched Rachael Ray, then you know how to do this) Repeat with second half.
Slice cheese in a few small strips. How much is a personal taste, I of course, didn't measure anything! My gruyere is a weird shape anyway so if i told you how many slices I made it wouldn't be the same as your slices..
Put a pat of butter in your non stick pan over medium heat, when butter is melted add the pear slices. Let them saute until soft, some will get brown on edges, that is good! Add a little more butter if desired or a drizzle of olive oil but not too much of either. No swimming pear slices, let them have direct contact with the pan. Turn pears as needed. I add a pinch of (Kosher) salt. When slices are sufficiently softened push them to one edge of the pan.
Drizzle the cut side of the bread with olive oil,(or one side if using regular sliced bread.) Put oiled side down in pan. While toasting, put cheese slices on your pile of pear slices and drizzle pear with balsamic vinegar. And let magic occur. Patience....
When you just can't wait anymore remove bread from pan, scoot the pear pile onto the bread.

Now you could be finished, save for the secret ingredient.....I'm serious about this. This is what makes it not just a 'Sauteed Pear' sandwich.
Go get your 'Natural Peanut Butter' (Now come on, I know you stopped using the other stuff with the Hydrogenated oils, partially hydrogenated or otherwise. And if that 'other kind' is the only kind you have, disregard this last part.)
So get the natural peanut butter and put a little on your knife or spatula and drizzle it over the sandwich, just some, not too much.... and Yum! That's lunch!!! Enjoy!

I've missed you all, maybe I'll write again, now that I've been inspired by my peanut butter pear balsamic creation! If you make it let me know how it turns out. If you want me to make it for you, let me know when you'll be over, I'll make sure I have pears.
Make the most of today!