Monday, September 7, 2009

Favorite Lunch

I love summer foods! The photo above demonstrates what has become my favorite lunch lately, and going to my local "Farmers Market" my favorite Saturday morning activity of late. Lest you think the color a little 'off' on these tomatoes, it is an orange tomato. I have not yet met a fresh tomato I didn't like. I'm completely off of grocery store tomatoes right now. I don't quite understand why they don't use local tomatoes when available, but they are still carrying the same flavorless tomatoes they carry all year long... don't get me wrong..come December I'm thrilled they have tomatoes at all and I buy them, but now there are local ones - why aren't they selling them? They really taste better!!

Also, at my Farmers Market is this fantastic bread from a bakery not conveniently located to me. Besides their retail, they sell to local restaurants -those which don't do their own baking, so I've sampled their wares previously. But this summer is my first opportunity to buy their bread by the loaf and have it around the house... dangerous.

Side note about bread if you are following my 'eating plan etc' and my weight loss: I feel about bread the same way I do about brownies... which is - (here lies the official credo, get ready) "If it's not the very best, and fabulous, why bother? It's not worth it!" Or something similar. The wording is a little loose for an official credo, I do admit. So this bread is up there with excellent, but still I only use in small portions and note the sandwich is 'open face' so as to not overdo it. Also, note this is prepared on a salad size plate, not a dinner size plate. If I use a large plate, I'll fill it.

Oh, you want the name of the bakery? Only helps if you are local, but it is 'Shadeau Breads.' They are at 1336 Main St in downtown Cincinnati. On Saturdays they often have a line out the door waiting to get their breads and pastries. During the week things are a little more leisurely and you can enjoy a slice of foccacia or some homemade soup also. They close at 4 pm...

Isn't it cute?

Anyway, back to the favorite lunch which was the impetus of this posting, a slice or two of excellent bread, a drizzle of excellent olive oil and some fresh ground pepper, the tomato slices-fresh tomatoes!, some crumbled goats cheese - I buy the little log of it and then I crumble it- it tastes better, fresh basil (from my garden! I actually grew something!), another drizzle of olive oil and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar, sprinkle of kosher salt, little more pepper. By the way, health tip, the health value of a tomato is increased greatly by the drizzle of olive oil on it, seriously. The lycopene in the tomato is already great for you, but the olive oil increases the antioxidant absorption by your body! Double Bonus, congratulations!

Heaven will surely have lunches like this, right?