Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sing it Paul!

Just for today: My new favorite color is PINK!!
Have to post this! Some of you know I'm no longer a Letterman fan and do not watch his show.
But I can watch pertinent clips on YouTube the next day, right?

Editors note:
Correction one - the aforementioned video is no longer from the Letterman show, they pulled all copies. But if you do get a chance to see it with Paul and band performing atop the marquee, do.
Correction two - my favorite color of the day is now - red.

Oh, this was my second post today, don't miss that one below:


Marge said...

When was Paul on Letterman.? Did you see he (letterman) got a bunch of Emmy nominations?

Betsy5 said...

I don't know. One day last week. As stated, I didn't watch. I actually heard Regis complaining about the traffic on his show the next AM, and thought maybe I better just check and see how good it was... and it was!!
Yeah, 5 his peers..