Thursday, July 9, 2009


Happy 4th of July!! Oops! Am I late? Did I miss it? No, I really didn't. It was rainy here on the 4th anyway. So we really celebrated the 4th on the 3rd and the 5th, just to be really confusing. On the 3rd, Eliot was home from his job working at a summer camp. So we grilled out some shrimp and went to watch a great local fireworks display at Old Coney. Eliot had to be back to work when our larger family convened for Lobsterfest...

On the 5th we had our Annual Lobsterfest at my sister Terry's house! This is hosted by my sister and brother-in-law and generously sponsored by our Aunt Elaine, who's birthday we also celebrated that day! Our cousins from Indianapolis and California were also in town for their Mother's birthday and of course, for Lobsterfest!

My brother-in-law, Bob, has the grilling the lobsters thing down to a science now. As you might be able to tell these were tails only. One year we did whole lobsters and did them in turkey fryers. That worked pretty well, but it just happened to be your more typical July weather, and it took a lot longer to get the water boiling in the turkey fryers etc. and well, everyone was boiling by the time the water was ready. This method is better. Also, we had steaks for those who just aren't of the lobster inclination. (not that I get that..) And, of course the usual accompaniments of beautiful summer salads and side dishes. I love those too.

As good of a crowd as this is, this is about half of our family. Even some who are usually here, were away and now some live out of town. The beautiful Shelby, front row - white shirt, is the lone representation of that generation, at this event. Though Ryan, our nephew-in-law, stopped by to eat and get some lobsterfest-to-go to take to Emily at the hospital! Their daughter, the next gen, Susanna, was in the hospital for a mysterious infection. She is fine now. Shelby's other sister Steph, and her family would normally be here, but they were all visiting her husband's family in Poland. Brian lives in town, but was away for a wedding. The remaining cousins all live out of town. Ashley and Sara in L.A. and Zach in New York. I already said Eliot was back working at camp, missed the good stuff.

I'm going to just post this since I have other posts already swimming around in my brain waiting for their turn.

Happy Independence Day!

Here's the whole group except myself and my Aunt:

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