Saturday, July 11, 2009

21 Years!

The Bread Basket at Nicola's in Cincinnati

Is this the best bread basket in town? I say YES!

Dick and I went to dinner Thursday night to celebrate 21 years of marriage! Nicola's was the obvious choice having had such a fantastic meal there in May for my birthday. Could it live up to that memory? Sometimes restaurants are never quite as good the second time around... never fear. It was every bit as good, and better. And isn't that the best bread basket?

Also we got a little bit of a floor show. The restaurant had prepared a 'salt-encrust Char.' This was ordered by diners at another table, but we were front and center for the grand presentation. They brought the still encased (we're talking at least 2" of hardpacked salt) whole fish, which they flambed and carried around the dining room. It smelled heavenly! Then with a chisel and pick, Nick proceeded to disrobe the Char from it's casing. Wow! It was steaming and fragrant and looked beautiful. (The diners who ordered it kept on talking and paid no attention at all to the work or fanfare on their behalf, but did seem to enjoy the Char.)

Our dinner was equally as delicious and we had the same gracious (and adorable) server we had for my birthday, and had a very nice time. We each had the 4 course tasting menu because we couldn't decide what to have and this way had some of just about everything. No regrets!!

Happy Anniversary Dick, it doesn't seem like 21 years, but I'm so happy to have spent them with you! It has not been 'cartoonish,' but I couldn't resist posting this cartoon-style photo of Dick and Eliot, because I love the effect. (Sorry for the bad pun)



Marge said...

Happy Anniversary "B" and Dick. Love photo. Nicolas is one of our favorites too.

Susan said...

Happy Anniversary, Dick & Betsy! Great pic of D & E! Bread basket look great...maybe I could even get R to go based on it alone. What do you think?

Betsy5 said...

Hey Sue- worth a try to get R. there. If not, go without him. Thanks for anniversary wishes. Yes, I love the photo too!