Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Say What?

Really? I mean did you see that? If this stupid thing had arrows on it, I’d point up there and show you what I mean. But look up there at the top under the name and it says what this whole blog thing is suppoooosed to be about… and right there it actually is written ‘And really cute photos of our dog, Bailey!’ Hello!!!

Sure! I mean really, when was the last time you even saw a picture of me on here? It was something like March or something. And that’s only because I’m supposed to be Irish and I got to write the St Paddy’s Day message. Otherwise you wouldn’t even have seen me then. I’m telling you guys (and ladies, I don’t mean to leave anyone out) you are NOT getting your money’s worth here. I mean I literally just had to take over this ding dang thing to get in here tonight and write this.

And what is up with my Bro’ Eliot? I mean he is gone all year in that big city, my parents make a big deal when he comes home and are all excited, and now he isn’t here again!! What is that about? (Well, don’t tell him but I was kinda excited when he was home too, but I don’t want him to know or he’ll act like the big cheese even more.) He’s at this camp, some sort of counselor or something, and comes home on weekends. Like just the time I get used to being ‘top dog’ he comes round and knocks me off the pedestal. It’s just too much! And he won’t let me sleep when he comes home. Talk about annoying. I’ll be taking one of my 10 beauty naps per day and in comes the Bro’ sneaking up on me, scooping me up like I’m some sort of-----don’t make me say it--- some sort of c-a-t, or something! How humiliating, how rude is that? How am I supposed to get my rest? I just don’t get it. And then I lick him for about an hour. It makes for very very busy days when he is here. You can see how the pace can just be unbearable.

And then my Mom is such a nut. When Eliot isn’t here, she plays his music! What? I thought he was home, I hear these tunes, they’re good, and it was just Mom, she said it makes her think of him. That is just so gross! Like when I’m not home, maybe they play Alpo commercials or something! Hey, I wonder if they do? I know, I’ll have to get Lucy (a.k.a.- Great White Death) from next door to come over and listen in next time I'm at the Groomies! Maybe Mom does listen to Alpo songs or something so she doesn’t miss me…. Yep, I bet she does. I know she loves me just as much……………hmmm.
All of a sudden I’m tired.

Now, when does that Eliot get home again? How many days? I think I’ll just wait right here and watch for him.

Well nice talking to ya. Who knows when you'll get to see me next?

Love to ya all,


Susan said...

Bailey - you are such a great writer! You must have gotten that from your mother & brother! Love the glasses. Let me know if you need me to help spy on the Alpo thing.

Betsy5 said...

Yea - Aunt S. - that would be great! I'll let you know when I have one of my groomie at the spa appts. And you can come over and spy on her. I bet she watches all those doggie commercials when I'm not here. She pretends she isn't interested, but...
Gotta go,
The Bailster