Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my Dad!!

He taught me (us - my sisters, too) many lessons.

He was a 'take charge' guy. Never one to blame others for his circumstances or difficulties. If he had any of those, that is, it would be hard to know, as he was not a complainer. He was a 'whistle while you work' kind of guy. I really liked that he walked around the house, or the yard, boat, or wherever, whistling a song while he worked on whatever project he decided to pursue that day. We also learned all the old songs that way. I knew the names and composers of all the 'Big Band' and Swing hits when some of my friends had never even heard of Glenn Miller or Tommy Dorsey. He was an Engineer at heart and an Engineer, in fact! He put himself through night school after he came home from World War II. He was great with his hands and always had a project he was working on and he whistled his way through every one of them.

He taught us about camping, boating, and river navigation. When we bought a houseboat as a family he took a Coast Guard water safety course and made sure we knew all the navigational and safety factors in boating. And he made no secret it bugged him a lot that 'any fool with a few extra $$ could buy a boat and plunk it in the middle of the Ohio River without any thought to learning or observing the basic rules of water safety and etiquette.' (I didn't say he was a diplomat) He often told those same folks what was on his mind as they passed too closely in front of our boat or if we met up with them in a marina or gas dock. He was intimidated by nobody and nothing! Sometimes it was pretty interesting.

So if any of my friends noticed any 'outspokeness' in me, or in any of my sisters, we may have come by this trait naturally. 'Wallflower' was not his favorite word or something he was trying to teach. Actually, he could be quite diplomatic when it was called for in a situation. He just decided when it was called for and when it was not! Those boating situations, I guess he didn't feel required that diplomacy. Despite those moments of exteme honesty when he encountered 'fools' on the river, he made lots of friends everywhere he went and had lots of fun.

A terrific and steadfast Dad, who raised us well, and was always proud of his family!

Happy Father's Day!


P.S. - He was a great dancer! Apparently this ability skipped a generation.

I'm surprised by the lack of comment by my sisters! This photo was taken on the occasion of the 'undercooked turkey!' Such a memorable holiday!


Marge said...

He looks like E!

Betsy5 said...

I agree. But E. looks like he!!

Susan said...

Betsy, that was wonderful! A beautiful tribute! I can't tell you how shocked I was when I opened your blog and there was Dad! I literally jumped. Loved everything you said. You were dead-on. What a great Dad we had! (And E. does look so much like him.) Thanks!

Betsy5 said...

Sorry, maybe should have warned you?? Glad you liked it though. Yes, I'm particularly seeing the resemblance in that top photo.