Friday, May 29, 2009

You Say It's Your Birthday!!

And so another year goes by!! And people I love helped me to recognize the occasion. Girlfriends took me to lunch and feted me with gifts and flowers, others dinner too. Dick and Eliot took me to dinner over the weekend. And the rest of my family got together on another occasion for a big family get together which included recognizing my day. Happy Birthday to me! It's fun to celebrate life!
Here is my favorite rendition of the Birthday song, by my preferred artist:

Here are some more beautiful flowers I received from my Aunt Elaine, thank you Aunt Elaine, your note especially touched me and was very timely:

Oh, by the way, my birthday was more than a week ago, I'm just really really late getting this post up. With Eliot home from school, well it's hard to say how that has changed the rhythm of the day. We never got used to him being away, and now that he's home we are trying to figure that rhythm out too. But we are glad he's home.
Dick took a snap of Eliot and me at my birthday dinner last weekend. Then we turned the flash off so as to not attract undue attention as I proceeded to photograph every course which came out, so the rest of the photos are a little dim:

The food at Nicola's (Cincinnati) is beyond divine, I recommend it.
Carpaccio of Bresaola with Mascarpone cheese, local gold rush apples, 15 years old balsamic vinegar and micro arugula. Bellissimo...

This is actually Dick's Entree, more photogenic than mine, Lobster and Ricotta Ravioli, yum...

Full Disclosure, this really isn't the Cappuccino from Nicola's. This is the one I had at a favorite restaurant in New Jersey from when we picked Eliot up from school. This picture turned out better than the one from birthday dinner night and both were excellent. And it is Decaf, are you kidding? I'd be up all night.

I wish had I thought to photo the bread basket. Truly the most creative and delightful combination of little breads we've sampled anywhere. Really. I've never seen an assortment this great and every one delicious. We had fun trying them all. Only problem, definitely no room for dessert after everything which came before!
But it was a great night, putting a cap on a great week. Thank you to all my friends and family who helped to make me feel special and remember my day and week without reminding me I'm %@ years old!!!

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Nice post B. Your Welcome.