Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

”We are not held back by the love we didn’t receive in the past, but by the love we’re not extending in the present” ~~ Marianne Williamson

We had a ‘Celebrating Women’ event at our Church this past Friday evening. I chaired the event, but it only went off well because I had a great team of women around me. Mid stream we switched our theme and made these flowers our logo, and based all of our décor and design elements around it. This mainly occurred because these flowers make me happy.

One of my favorite days in preparation for the retreat was sitting in my office, all windows open, with a cup of coffee and a pair of scissors cutting around these flowers. We had decided at the last minute to make nametags with the flower motif as the background… pure bliss. I am not the least bit crafty, but even I could master this job, what a way to while away a morning, in my jammies yet! I’m not sure anyone else at the event was as happy with how darling those nametags looked, but I sure loved them.

As I said, this was a night to Celebrate Women… what about them? Our speaker touched on how women ‘Influence, Affirm, Inspire, and Sacrifice’ for others OFTEN. And encouraged us to think about who had done that for us in the past. I think I touched on that in a previous post.

What I hope came out of the event, is the consideration of the ‘pay it forward’ theme… who are you ‘influencing, affirming, inspiring, and sacrificing’ for now or who might you be in the near future? There is also the very real truth (that’s redundant, I know .. real truth) we are always INFLUENCING by our presence, but what is that influence? That Influence has the potential to have within it affirmation, inspiration, and sacrifice and the opportunity to inspire others to want to emulate same… or not… I try to be a positive Influence wherever I go, I Affirm whenever possible and it is possible, …. Extending love in the present.

What we did not touch on in the event is the Mother’s role in doing those four things or the Mothers role in general. You see, this was not a Mother’s Day event, it just happened to occur on Mother’s Day weekend. But certainly as these questions were put to the women in attendance some were thinking of their Mother. Maybe some attendees had the kind of Mom for whom all of those things (influence –the good kind, affirmation, inspiration, sacrifice) came from her. Even so, they probably thought of other people too, because no one person can be all that for a person. We get our needs and our inspiration met as we go through life from a variety of places and people …. And that is good… Because there were other women in that room… who didn’t think of their Mom when those questions came up or they did, but her name wasn’t the correct answer to the question. They thought of other women who stood in and provided same. … Again, for a variety of reasons. And maybe it made them sad, that they couldn’t name their Mom. Or maybe it made them so grateful..for the women who stood in…

That’s a photo of my parents, from a much earlier time. My Mom passed away when I was 18, but I really lost her much earlier than that. She became ill when I was in my early teens. I know she loved her family fiercely, including me, our timing was just a little off. She still had her opportunity to instill many lessons, memories, and much love into our family.

Happy Mother’s Day!!! Especially to my three older sisters who stood in and sometimes still stand in, Happy Mother’s Day ~ Kathy, Terry and Sue!

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Susan said...

Thank you, Betsy. That really was beautiful. Well said. Love you!
P.S. Next craft day - call me! I'll come over in my jammies.