Monday, May 18, 2009

Family Dinner Finale

Three Generations! My sister Kathy, Eliot, My aunt Elaine!

Here’s a news flash: Being a Mom isn’t easy. Wow! Send that to the presses. And when you get something right and can get an 18 year old to say so, unsolicited, well savor that…. Because that’s a moment in time. And that’s what I’m doing this morning. I’m savoring the moments of our ‘Family Dinners’ from this past season.

You may recall.. .Shortly after the New Year we instituted…Family Dinners. My friend, Pastor Mike, was speaking about what Sundays are really supposed to be for and about: Family, Family time, unstructured time. So I immediately combined those and structured it to Sunday Family Dinners! Okay, so I got the ‘unstructured’ part wrong, but the sentiment right! These filled several needs for me as I LOVE to cook great food, love to be with my family, and was still feeling the effects of our son having gone off to college for the first time. It was pretty quiet around here.

Well, last night was the last of the dinners for this season. Next week we move family gatherings to my sister Terry’s house for Memorial Day, Father’s Day, summer birthday’s, etc. (8/11 of the males in our family have June birthdays.) And it’s just time to truly have unstructured Sundays again, the cooking a simple meal for 12-20 each week gets more difficult as the weather calls us to be outdoors.

Eliot is now home from college, so last night was the first he has been able to attend. He was here for the ‘prep’ time. He scooped out the tomatoes for a great new appetizer I was trying out on everyone. And he sampled the tomato sauce on the Lasagna, ‘just to be sure it was up to standards.’ He was out when I made the Vegetable Lasagna, so that was a new one to him when I served it last night. He helped Dick get the house ready a little bit, too. So he knows we prepare for the family to come over, it’s a big part of our week, but it’s very casual too. For the family it’s ‘come as you are.’ Whoever can make it. Not a big deal. We want this to be easy, no obligations, nobody has to bring anything, unless they want to.

All I want to say is, I think Eliot got it. As the last of family was leaving last night from the front porch we watched as Zane, the 5 year son of my niece (my Great Nephew?) was zig zagging out our driveway to his waiting car and parents, waving ‘Bye, see you next week.’ Eliot smiled. ‘This was good, Mom’ He wasn’t talking about Lasagna, and I knew what he meant. Newsflash! Amen!

One of the 4th generation, Zane:


Susan said...

Yep - they are good! :-)

Marge said...

E looks skinny