Sunday, May 3, 2009


Daisies were my Mom's favorite flower. I'm certain it's not a coincidence they are one of my favorites also! I'm thinking about Mothers Day early for several reasons. I'll be traveling on Mother's Day this year. My MD present is to be re-united with our son, as we pick him up from his first year of college on Mother's Day! That will be quite a gift. I wonder if I'll have to carry any of the boxes since it's 'my day?'
Another reason for contemplation of this annual event for women is a Women's Celebration dinner I'm hosting at our church prior to retrieving my son. While we aren't talking about Mother's Day specifically that evening, what we will talk about, and celebrate, are the women in our lives who have made an impact in one area or another.
Who has encouraged us? Affirmed us? Guided and supported us in tough and good times? And have you thanked them? Have you considered what a privilege it is that we get to do that for one another? And who do you do those things for? Or who might you be being nudged to guide, support, encourage, affirm.... It's probably many people. I think we do it every day. Encouragement, guidance, support, is not a role reserved only for Mothers, but rather something we do as women.
Thank you to those women who always stepped in to fill those roles for me and to those who continue to do so. There are many. Happy Mother’s Day! It might seem early, but I'm thinking about it (and YOU, the women who..) all week. And it seems a good time to say thanks...I couldn't have done it without ya! Love, B


Susan said...

Daisies! :-) And thank YOU!

Marge said...

Have a Happy Mothers Day B!