Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pansies on Fountain Square

Here are some more photos we took while visiting downtown Cincinnati on Saturday. I don't pretend to be a professional photographer or anything, but at least on my screen these look pretty good. Remember you can enlarge any photo by clicking on it. My sister, Sue, enjoyed the tulips enough to want them as her desktop background. You have my permission to do the same if you wish. Right click on any photo and select 'make this my background' and that will happen!

These photos were taken from a display on Fountain Square. The best vantage point for the display was actually aerial, as was shown on the local news. In lieu of that capability we stood on our tip toes...

A few years ago (2) Cincinnati went to great time, labor, and expense mostly, to move the 'Tyler Davidson Fountain' in our main square. They moved it, mmmm, a good 10yards, but seemed to feel that would totally renovate our downtown Fountain Square. I'm not certain it really looks that different, but I will say they've done a lot to utilize the new 'more functional' space. They've certainly held more functions there, so maybe they were right. In any case, the square is being used and utilized in a positive way. There is always something going on there at least most of the year. Plus, a giant screen TV where baseball games as well as political events are broadcast. Really, they're on the right track. We enjoyed it this day!

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