Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Tulips

Easter is no time for argument.
Lilies don't argue; they bloom.
Springtime doesn't argue; it comes.
Music doesn't argue; it sings.
Beauty doesn't argue; it beckons and points.
Love doesn't argue; it outlives our griefs.
~Frederick B. Speakman~

Our son is home from college and we took some time yesterday to enjoy the beauty outside and be together. The above shot was one of many we took around town. This one is from a garden in downtown Cincinnati. It’s great to have Eliot home, nothing has changed yet everything has. He is growing up too soon and not soon enough. Maybe if you’re the parent of a college age (boy) you understand what I mean by that? Anyway, it’s great to have him home and I hate to see him have to go back to New York tomorrow. Of course, he can’t wait to get back to school, friends, and NY life. And I can’t blame him.
I’ll have no Sunday dinner recipes to share this week, we are dining out with the whole family for Easter as we do every year. I hope you have a great Easter and great week.
There is something so special about this time of year…. I claim not to have a favorite season but love how there is so much promise in the air right now. It’s in the blooms we are seeing on branches and in gardens and as the skies change and the air smells different, it’s Spring. It smells fresh. The message to me, of Spring, is the message of Easter~~ one of hope, renewal, promise….. Maybe I do have a favorite season after all!

Hey FYI!!! - You are able to click on any photo in the blog to enlarge it for better viewing! I didn't know either. These tulips look great enlarged.


Marge said...

Betsy, Did you plant that yellow tulip there? that photo is amazing blown up and the Yellow tulip makes it look so artsy.

Betsy5 said...

Glad you like photo!

Susan said...

I set the picture as my wallpaper. How DID that yellow guy get in there? Beautiful!