Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Whipped Butternut Squash

I realized I really didn't quote my source for this great recipe so I want to add this in. This recipe if I'd used the correct type squash is a direct copy of a recipe I read off the kitchn.com website. (that's not a typo. no 'e' in kitchen)but I made it from memory, I couldn't find the recipe or remember where I got it at the time I made it and wrote the blog entry. Just got an RSS feed update from them today and remembered that's where it came from. Great website, please check them out!

Well this might not be a summer favorite, but since it's looking like winter in Cincinnati today, (snow flurries, mid thirties, should be mid sixties!), I'll once again share what I fixed for family dinner on Sunday. Whipped Butternut Squash was the side dish. Actually it was more of a 'tasting,' there were 15 of us here this week. I didn't do too great on my recipe multiplication this time!! But we had plenty of the other items to fill in. So back to the squash, it's a compilation of a few recipes and a mistake! I really meant to make spaghetti squash and bought the wrong kind, twice! I don't know what I was thinking. I'm not good at identifying trees, flowers, plants, or squash varieties apparently.... So we went with the butternut, and it worked! Amen!
The secret ingredient and one worth noting for future reference is the roasted sage. Fresh sage when roasted is *the*most*heavenly*thing*... and worthy of finding other recipes for its use. I roasted more than I anticipated needing for this dish.
So I used the meat of two Butternut Squash. How you cook the squash is up to you. Many choices, It can be microwaved or roasted in the oven. I cut mine in half lengthwise, put olive oil on the cut sides, put cut sides down on a baking dish and roasted in a 375 degree oven for an hour. Test to be certain it is fully cooked/tender on inside, if so, let cool enough to handle. Remove and discard seeds and pulp, peel from skin. (I just take a large spoon and scoop it out of the shell)

Here is the ingredient list:
2 Butternut squash, roasted.
2 T. roasted Sage*, chopped
3/4 C Ricotta Cheese (low fat is a great idea)
Pine nuts (I toast mine in advance)
Grated Parmesan (not the kind in the green can)
Some heavy cream or butter, just small amount
Salt and Pepper (kosher salt, fresh grd pepper)

After roasting and removing the squash from the peel, place the squash in a mixing bowl, whip with a hand mixer. Add ricotta cheese, some cream and butter, S&P to taste, whip to desired consistency. Stir in (by hand) the sage, top with pine nuts and grated parmesan. Enjoy!!
Could drizzle with truffle oil and just be in heaven! Really.

*Roasting sage=slight amount of olive oil in a sauté pan over medium heat. Place the fresh sage leaves in the oil and lightly cook until just slightly browned. Watch very carefully. May turn once while cooking. Remove from heat immediately and place on a paper towel lined plate to cool. Blot off before chopping.

So, Betsy, what else did you serve with that squash? Well, it really doesn't matter because that was the best part, but thanks for asking.
But I'm pretty happy with the Stuffed Red and Yellow Peppers also. I made those by request of my beautiful niece Shelby. She asked for them, so I was going to make them. But I never eat stuffed peppers because I've only been served them in the Green Pepper variety and I have to say those aren't my favorite vegetable, despite my love affair with the color green..... So I explored recipes and decided to stuff the yellow and red variety. Again, I combined 2 or 3 recipes...even though I've never made, and rarely eaten, stuffed peppers I just went ahead and experimented right there on my family. I mean, that's what they're for, right?! (That's okay they don't read this.)
So the peppers were stuffed with a combo of beef, pork, rice and chopped up onion and mushrooms, all pre-cooked. The best thing I did was pre-broil the peppers before stuffing them, I didn't want them to be too raw and I knew my meat was already cooked and wouldn't take long in the oven.... I topped everything with chopped (canned) tomatoes mixed with tomato sauce, feta cheese, and bread crumbs mixed with parmesan. You can let me know if you want that recipe. Most people liked the stuffed peppers, some people reallllly liked them. And a person or two didn't care for them, because they don't like stuffed peppers, not that MINE weren't good. (Sorry T., I'll have something you like next time, I promise, please come again.)
So, all in all, it was a good meal. We also had salad and rolls, and a good turnout of people, which is what it's about!! The peeps! (not the Easter peeps, the people 'peeps'!)


Susan said...

FYI, Betsy....Family DOES read this! So be careful what you write about us! But....you can experiment on us any time you want, because it is ALWAYS good. Loved the squash. Loved the peppers. Your loving sister, Sue

Betsy5 said...

Ahhh, I wasn't sure. Since you hadn't commented.... Thanks! Good to hear from you and glad you liked the peppers and the squash! The leftovers were fabulous. Just had like half cup leftover and made it my dinner the other night!!! Wow!

Betsy5 said...

Referring to the squash leftovers. Peppers good too, but referring to the butternut squash...