Friday, March 13, 2009

Veggies are the Secret!!

(photo courtesy of Mirek Pajak)

I started this blog by saying I would share some of the tips to losing some of the necessary weight and keeping it off. The secret is in the vegetables! At any given meal we will have two or three vegetables when I'm just cooking for Dick and I. Usually we will just get one steak or chop or whatever meat we are having and split it. (and sometimes have some left over!) But we will have had a salad and two or three vegetables with it. I've really changed the focus of how my meals are centered. Last Sunday, for the weekly family dinner, I prepared Stuffed Shells. They were fabulo-so!! I ate two, plus some of that asparagus featured in the above photo. My sister Sue brought a great salad with spinach, strawberries, spiced nuts, and (fat-free) feta cheese in it. It was great too. However after that meal, I sent a lot of family members home with the shells, Dick had some leftovers throughout the week, but I was finished with the shells. They weren't really on my plan. I enjoyed them while I enjoyed them, no guilt! But then I was finished.... Now the asparagus on the other hand, leftovers of that worked in salads or eaten cold right out of the frig. Veggies are my friend!! There ya go one tip for how I'm doing it. One day at a time! But sometimes two veggies at a time!
A note on the family dinners: Everyone I'm related to is invited, every week. I have three terrific sisters and a 'second' Mom,a myriad of nieces and nephews, some married with children of their own, the daughters I mentioned in a previous blog and their children, and an aunt, all here in town!! We get a pretty big crew here sometimes. I really enjoy it. The above photo, as I've already notated, was taken by Mirek Pajak my nephew by marriage, to my niece Stephanie.


Margaret Vontz said...

What a great idea showing the cover of what you are now reading. I also love your asparagus photo. The Blog is coming together. Very cool!

betsyeicher said...

Thank you! I'm still working on it, I'm a slow evolver !!

Stephanie Spider said...

The picture looks great here! We were going to take a picture of a part of the meal every week and we forgot to yesterday. Next week!

Betsy5 said...

Hey Steph! a picture a week, that would be fun! I'll try to make something photo worthy! Actually, I already know what I'm making for Sunday, I think I know how it might make an interesting photo. Bring that camera.