Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's a Beautiful Day!

I'm quoting U2, but off to see Elton John/Billy Joel tonight! U2 is moving up on my list of favorites bands because they recently graced the campus of Fordham University with a live performance, my son loved it!! Plus he got out of classes for the morning. Elton John has always been near the very top of favorite performers. So any day we see him live is a beautiful day!
Plus, it is 70 degrees and sunny in Cincinnati in March, so no complaints here.
Above is a more recent photo of Bailey, CDA. (you remember, cutest dog in America!)
From the looks of this photo you might think he is expecting to get some of that pizza from Dick's plate. Hmmm. Would he feed him from the table? It is entirely possible.

Remember, you get what you expect, expect the very best.
Have a great day!
Thanks for checking my blog today.