Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bailey's Irish Cream

Well, o course I'm a goona be wearin da green, I am Irish ya know! What are ye expectin affer all?
No, just kidding, I don't really talk like that, I have a really cute tiny voice!
But I am Irish, so I'm wearing my Dad's green shirt today. He doesn't even know I swiped it out of his closet, so he is gonna be surprised. He's got a real special way of folding clothes, my four little paws are never gonna get this shirt back in there the right way. So I might just curl up on it and go to sleep on it after I'm finished wearing it and celebrating all this St Paddys Day stuff.
My parents named me after the liquor of the same name. I know I look completely white in the photos of me, but I'm really kinda caramelly colored if you look real close. So my parents thought Bailey's Irish Cream was an apt description cause it kind of looks that way too, so they tell me. This also had some irony to it, cause my Mom wasn't gonna be havin any other Irish Creams in her life any other way.(Something bout her liver) So they thought this was a good way to keep a little Irish around.
I think that means they are going to keep me. Hope so, it's a pretty good life for me here. I mean I don't have to do too much except look cute and follow Mom from room to room and take walks with them when the weather is warm enough to walk outside. And they feed me really good stuff! I'd really like to stay, so if you're talking to my parents go ahead and put in a good word for me. You can even tell them you saw my picture and how cute I looked, that always gets em. But tell them to bring my brother back, he went somewhere where there is a BIG city and I never get to see him. So sometimes it's a little bit quieter here than it used to be, tell them to fix that! Eliot if your reading this, college can't be that great, Bro! It is? Oh! Well, see ya at Easter anyway.
Well, thanks for reading my first blog post! Happy St Paddy's Day! Luck O the Irish to Ya All!
Bailey's Irish Cream


Susan said...

You crack me up! Very funny.

Margaret Vontz said...

Very Cute "B"

Betsy5 said...

Thanks! You coming home soon, Marge??